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Lehigh/Northampton Counties Provider Profiling

When choosing a provider for mental health inpatient and/or substance abuse services, it is important for members to make an informed choice.

Annually, providers are selected for inclusion in the provider profiling process. The selected providers represent only a portion of the number of providers in the network, and participation is voluntary.  Lehigh County, Northampton County and Magellan Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania, Inc., ("Magellan") review provider utilization and invite providers to participate based upon high volume for specific levels of care.  It is important to note that Magellan monitors all in network providers routinely throughout the year as part of our ongoing continuing quality of care process.

These profiles are intended to offer information to members related to member participation in treatment, but it should be noted that each profile includes a limited set of information.   Additionally, Magellan relies on system data and data submitted by providers for its profiles, and asks providers to review their profile before publication for accuracy.  Please note, the provider profiles are not a recommendation or endorsement of any provider by Lehigh County, Northampton County or Magellan.

Provider Profiling

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Contact Information

Member Services:
Bucks County: 877-769-9784
Cambria County: 800-424-0485
Delaware County: 888-207-2911
Lehigh County: 866-238-2311
Montgomery County: 877-769-9782
Northampton County: 866-238-2312

Provider Services:
Bucks/Montgomery: 877-769-9779
Cambria County: 800-424-3711
Delaware County: 800-686-1356
Lehigh/Northampton: 866-780-3368

Hearing Impaired Lines (TTY):
Bucks County TTY: 877-769-9785
Cambria County TTY: 877-769-9785
Delaware County TTY: 888-207-2910
Montgomery County TTY: 877-769-9783
Lehigh County TTY: 866-238-2313
Northampton County TTY: 866-780-3367
AfterHours TTY (6:00p - 8:00a): 800-787-1730

Fraud & Abuse: 800-755-0850

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