Services & Programs

Rights & Responsibilities

Getting mental health and substance use disorder services is a private matter. We respect your right to privacy.  You have, at the very least, the rights and responsibilities listed below:

You have the right to get the care you need. You should expect to: 

  • Be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Be listened to by the counselors or doctors helping you.
  • Receive information and counseling in a language you understand.
  • Take an active role in planning your care, and the care of your child, as a full partner in your care.
  • Allow, or refuse to allow, the release of information about yourself apart from Magellan, Magellan-related quality monitoring activities, or County/State-related monitoring activities. For example, you do not have to allow a treatment provider to give information about you and your treatment to another treatment provider. The only exception is when the release of information is required by law (for example, to protect yourself or someone else from danger).
  • Request to review your records or to receive a summary of your record.
  • Make a complaint or file a grievance without getting a penalty.
  • Get counseling or treatment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or ethnic background.
  • Get treatment in the best setting for your problem.
  • Choose a Magellan counselor who understands your culture and who speaks your language.
  • You may ask for a counselor in the Magellan network who meets your specific cultural or language needs.
  • Refuse care, without getting a penalty, as long as you understand the possible results.
  • You can refuse treatment, as long as your refusal does not put you or someone else in danger. For example, you cannot refuse treatment that is ordered by the court.
  • Be protected from neglect, physical, emotional or verbal abuse and being taken advantage of in the course of receiving services.

You also have responsibilities to Magellan staff and to your provider. They are as follows:

  • Treat those giving you care with respect.
  • Help develop your treatment plan.
  • Take an active role in your care and follow your care plan.
  • Keep your appointment and be on time, or call at least twenty-four (24) hours before your appointment to cancel.
  • Seek care before you are in a crisis situation.
  • Ask your counselor questions, so that you understand the care and instructions you are given.
  • Take any prescribed medicine as instructed.
  • Follow the complaint and grievance process if you are unhappy with your care, your counselor, or the Magellan program.

If you have any questions about your program services, please call your program's toll-free number:

Bucks County 877-769-9784

Cambria County 800-424-0485

Delaware County 888-207-2911

Lehigh County 866-238-2311

Montgomery County 877-769-9782

Northampton County 866-238-2312