Tip Sheets

Find support in these tip sheets addressing a variety of topics.

Autism Tip Sheets
BIPOC Mental Health Tip Sheets

Find support and inspiration in these tip sheets addressing racism, unconscious bias, and listening with empathy.

Covid-19 Tip Sheets

It’s natural to worry or have anxiety about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and associated issues around school, finances, and taking care of others. Magellan Healthcare shares information on how to manage it in the articles here.

Crisis & Traumatic Event Tip Sheets
Mental Health Tip Sheets

Use these materials to easily spread awareness about mental health and wellbeing so we can reduce stigma and encourage people to get the treatment they need and begin the recovery process.

Stress and Anxiety Tip Sheets
Suicide Prevention Tip Sheets

Find support in these Magellan Healthcare tip sheets addressing how to identify warning signs and take action to help yourself or others.

Whole Health Tip Sheets