Patient Safety

Providers are required to notify Magellan within 24 hours of the occurrence of a reportable incident involving a HealthChoices member, whether it occurs at the provider’s location or at another location.

Contractually, providers are required to use Magellan’s electronic incident reporting system to notify Magellan of any death, suicide or suicide attempt, significant medication error, fire emergency or police involvement, alleged abuse/neglect, Childline report, injury/illness while in care requiring treatment beyond first aid, missing person- includes elopement from 24-hour treatment setting where member leaves grounds without staff, restraint/seclusion, provider preventable conditions.

Magellan follows the reporting requirements of the PA DHS Bulletin, OMHSAS-15-01 and the seclusion or restraint reporting requirements as defined in Mental Health Bulletin, OMHSAS ‐02‐01 The Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Mental Health Facilities and Programs.


Magellan utilizes an electronic process that provides a confirmation number to confirm receipt of a provider’s incident submission. Each incident is reviewed. Providers should anticipate that a Magellan QI staff may outreach about any additional information needed to complete investigation of each report.

The Adverse Incident form can be found below at the top of Appendix A in our Forms section of the website.

We request that providers call Magellan’s Quality Improvement Department at 877-769-9779 if an incident is identified as a Sentinel Event.

As part of Magellan’s incident management process, the designation of an incident as a “Sentinel Event” has been added. This designation will allow for clearer communication between the provider and Magellan so that we can provide timely responses to situations of imminent patient safety concern.

To view the provider training for incident reporting, go here.