Member Experience

Magellan prioritizes seeking member feedback to improve our programs for behavioral health services. This happens in a number of ways. Magellan hosts member satisfaction surveys annually, requests feedback on the complaints and grievance process, hosts focus groups for new projects, and maintains active member advisory groups. All of these activities help Magellan to identify opportunities to enhance programming and build programs that can make meaningful differences.

Annually, a formal member satisfaction survey is mailed to members that have utilized HealthChoices funded services in the last calendar year. Questions on the survey help Magellan to assess overall satisfaction with services, the timeliness and convenience of the service system, satisfaction with dignity, respect, and hopefulness offered during treatment, a member’s experience working with Magellan staff, and suggestions for improvement.

This survey serves as a complement to the other feedback forums available to assess the overall HealthChoices funded program offered through Magellan.